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The Review of Banana Island Ghost Movie

Banana Island Ghost tells the story of a lady who needs N18 million to save her father’s house in Banana Island. Yeah, the most expensive patch of real estate in West Africa. That Banana Island. Her path crosses with a ghost too scared to go to heaven because he is yet to experience love. Their lives and fates become literally intertwined and the story unfolds.
The movie is an adrenaline-filled, comic-inspired fantasy movie to the big screen. We see all sorts of familiar faces this time around, but the audience is introduced to a few new characters as well. The mix gives the movie the required richness expected from a blockbuster.
The actors all seemed comfortable with the director’s style and brought their expected best to the table, traversing the expected into the phenomenal.
BIG served as great entertainment with its colourful cast and numerous plot twists. I know a lot of people felt they gave too much away in the trailer, but seeing the movie, I understand why they had to do so much. The movie was all that and more. I mean when I saw it; I knew that the trailer just scraped the top and left the juicy bits.
Forget all that old school noise Nollywood use to make in the past; you do not need a noisy advert to break the market with your movie. ‘Ariwo ko ni music’ like Adekunle Gold says.
First of all, Patrick Diabuah, an all time favourite. I have personally followed this guy for a couple of years now. I mean whenever I hear he is going to be in a stage play, I go see it, because I know that the dialogue would interest me. So when I saw him in Banana Island Ghost I gave a big whoop! He made me wish for my very own ghost.
Chigul as Ijeoma, the main character did not disappoint me. I personally feel she just found the perfect medium of expression for her talent. I mean. She totally killed it when she began counting the number of men she would have to sleep with to raise her N18 million. Who does that? She stole her own show.
Tomiwa Edun was another favourite of mine. You know that feeling when an actor you like steps out of his comfort zone and you hold your breath for his big flop moment… and it never came.
The one actor that gave me pause was Ali Nuhu. I mean historically, he has been cast as the opposite of the role he played, so it was a shock to watch him be the bad guy. But after a few scenes with him, I realised the casting decision was actually brilliant. Ali Nuhu was the image of the devil as built up in our minds; beautiful and attractive prima facie, but deadly with some rough edges. He portrayed the bad guy role brilliantly and realistically. After all, the real bad guys live among regular people with no one the wiser.
When crisis erupts in the movie, Saidi Balogun is the man to call. “Shooting at a whole Banana Island DPO with impunity!” He was hilarious. His police officers did not downplay their role for Uncle Saheed’s greatness. Akah, the sergent? I tell you he is the next big thing… look out for his “Verse 2!”
The cameo appearances were like extra sprinkles on an already served ice-cream (There is actually an Ice Cream flavour called Banana Island Ghost, try Cold Stone Creamry).
I give it an 8 out of 10 points and the best I have given is 7.
Ah, before I forget, I cannot end this review without telling you about the Indian Ninja. Hmm, what can I say that I won’t have to yell spoiler alert before I say it?
It is a ‘must see’

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