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Nollywood Actress Linda Adedeji ‘TELL-IT-ALL’ Interview with Gberatv: If a marriage is met to be I believe nothing can break it, Says Linda


Linda AdedejiA golden fish they say has no hiding place. Though, it may take time before it surfaces but once it does, its becomes beauty to behold. This is the story of Nollywood Actress Linda Adedeji who doubles as a princess. In this encounter with GberaTV, she “tells it all” about her life, career and plans. And of course, we bring on a platter of Gold

GberaTV: Kindly give us an insight into your background; family and education
Linda Adedeji:  Firstly, I will like to say thank you for having me. My name is Princess Linda Adedeji, wife of Prince Kehinde Aderemi. I am not just bearing princess for name sake. I was born into a royal family in Ado Ekiti in Ekiti state. So, I have all features of royalty. Also, I am God lover, an actress, and a movie maker. Educationally, I finished from the Lagos state University where I bagged a B.SC

GberaTV:  When and how did you start acting?

Linda Adedeji:  If we are talking about the entertainment industry as a whole which comprises of so many sectors, I would say I have been on board for a while because I was into modelling and related services. However, professionally, I joined the movie industry in 2003 but I wasn’t stable because I was still into modelling and busy with my saloon business not until 2012 that I came into acting and movie production fully.  Drama has always been my thing right from elementary school. I started writing script when I was in primary four, playing major roles in school drama and the likes

GberaTV:  What is your inspiration?
Linda Adedeji:  God is my inspiration

GberaTV:  What exactly do you hope to achieve with your acting?
Linda Adedeji: How would I answer this question that it would not appear as if I am materialistic? Anyways, I hope and pray to achieve every good thing that anyone could dream of. I want to be known all over the world as a legend, a Cheerful giver, an icon, world celebrity and reach out positively to the world through my acting.

GberaTV:   What movie will you say brought you to limelight?
Linda Adedeji:  Oyinkansola, a three cast movie produced by me Linda Adedeji.

Linda AdedejiGberaTV:  Tell us some of the movies you featured in / Produce
Linda Adedeji:  Funke Okanran, Ogun, Ipade, ilule, Emi meje , Elere and many more..  My productions Oyinkansola , Igbekun Abo, Seraye,  Ojo Ale,  Emi Ni Ologo, ika lokunrin, My Secret  (Asiri Mi) and Omotoni is coming out soon..
GberaTV:  What have you learnt in the movie industry that you think everyone looking forward to acting should know?  
Linda Adedeji:  I have learnt a lot of lessons from my encounters with people and stakeholders of the industry and I will just sum it to patience with everyone around you, tolerance and respect

GberaTV:  What aspect of your background or education has been most helpful to your experience as a young actress and Producer?
Linda Adedeji:  Growing up in a royal home with compound families makes me to be very tolerant, respectful and accommodating.. It was very helpful to my experience as actress and producer. You cannot grow up in an environment like the one I grew up and not be tolerant. Every day is a different day from the other day

GberaTV:  As an Actress & producer, how does the economic recession affect you
Linda Adedeji:  Recession to me is about cutting your coat according to your available material, not to your size anymore. Before recession, we do things accordingly, but all that has changed now as we have to manage everything. Instead of featuring like 10 known faces actors in a movie, we reduced it to like five known and five unknown in other to manage cost of production..

GberaTV:  Have you won any awards, honors or special recognition as an individual or on movies you produced?
Linda Adedeji:  Yes, I have won 2 awards so far.. one special recognition and  the second one for my movie OYINKANSOLA

GberaTV:  What would you describe as your secret formula for success
Linda Adedeji:  Being a good believer of God, being a very strong and hardworking lady,  I have never stop because am tired, I stopped when am done..

GberaTV:  In and outside the movie industry who is/are your mentor (s) and why?
Linda Adedeji:  I have a number of people I admire so much. People who through their works have inspired me. The truth of the matter is that if I want to list names, pages of books will not contain it. To  be a little direct, I will say Joke Silva and Sola Sobowale are my mentors simply because they are evergreen actress..

GberaTV:  What do you consider your greatest achievement?
Linda Adedeji:  Receiving awards for my movies is the greatest achievement for me because it shows that I am doing something right and it is been appreciated by the people

GberaTV:  What were your major obstacles during the initial points of acting?

Linda Adedeji:  Major Obstacle? I don’t think there was any because I can’t recall any obstacles then or now. However, that doesn’t mean my journey has been smooth all through. No, it has not but I don’t see them as major obstacles

Linda AdedejiGberaTV:  Tell us one interesting thing that many people don’t know about you?
Linda Adedeji:  Am a very good cook..

GberaTV:  What’s the weirdest thing a fan has done for you?
Linda Adedeji:  The day a male fan walk up to me at the airport when I was about to check in, he embraced me tightly for almost 15mins.. it was crazy because I tried to stop him but I couldn’t,  after the hug  he started kissing  all over my face and later apologized to me that he has promise himself to do it , whenever he set his eyes on me.. and he asked me what he could do for me to accept his apology. . Really crazy lolz

GberaTV:  Could you tell us the part of your job you enjoy the most?
Linda Adedeji:  I love writing script so much because it gives me the opportunity to create something out of nothing

GberaTV:  What do you think are the effect of New Media on Nollywood?
Linda Adedeji:  New media are very helpful to entertainers and celebrities; it helps in advertising our brand to the world. These days, I don’t think there is any author who worth its salt that is not leveraging on the social media

GberaTV:  What are your plans for the future?
Linda Adedeji:  God owns the future. Only Him can decide what future will look like.. But I want to be very great and successful

GberaTV:  What kind of legacy do you want to leave?
Linda Adedeji:  I want to be remembered as a legend. . Because am going to touch and change many life positively before I leave by God’s grace..

GberaTV:  Can you act nude

Linda Adedeji:  Nope I can’t, because I don’t see why I should. . Aside from the fact that am married. If I try it am very sure my parent will disown me. Because am from a very discipline family.

GberaTV:  Do you have any advice for young/ aspiring actors/actresses?
Be dedicated, patient and prayerful. . With God all things are possible. .

GberaTV:  How has Nollywood and acting generally improved your life and that of your fans?

Linda Adedeji:  Acting has help improved my life in many aspect, because am able to learn lot of lessons from the stories we produced , the people have worked with etc.. And i believe my fans too have  learnt lessons through my movies..

GberaTV:  What is your reaction to the constant break and divorces in celebrities’ marriages?
Linda Adedeji: If a marriage is met to be I believe nothing can break it, but if it is not met to be, no matter what you do to prevent it, it will surely break. But one thing I will like to add is the fact that if indeed you want to marry a celebrity you have to be very tolerant. A jealous man or woman can never marry a celebrity, Such home will break no matter how strong the love between you is. So think deeply before you marry a celeb.

GberaTV:  What project are you working on presently?
Linda Adedeji:  Stolen kiss and Fifesere

GberaTV:  Do you have your own clique in the industry?
Linda Adedeji:  Nope am a freelance

GberaTV:  What do you do when you are not working?
Linda Adedeji:  Relaxing with my family and writing Script

GberaTV:  Thank you for your time ma.

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Linda Adedeji Linda Adedeji Linda Adedeji Linda AdedejiLinda Adedeji Linda Adedeji Linda Adedeji Linda AdedejiLinda Adedeji

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