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6 Outstanding things that happened at the premiere of 10 Days In Suncity


10daysSo 10 days in Suncity has been premiered yesterday, 17th of June and it was indeed a successful one with industry colleagues and friends who came to support their own.

So we would get straight down to the five things that happened at the premiere of AY’s 10 Days in Suncity.

1. The movie premiere was quite interesting as it started with a dance troup putting up a great show of the south African dance culture at the entrance of the event. That is something that we are not likely to forget soon, if we love it or not is not the discussion, but it happened.

2. Another thing that happened at the premiere is a show of the talents of upcoming and celebrity comedians.

3. One of the comedians during the show apparently does not follow AY as much as he should, as he forgot the backlash AY receive after using BBnaija 2nd runner up as his joke during his show. Immediately the comedian threaded that path, the MC for the day immediately cut him off as he mentioned that there they’re still trying to repair the former damage caused.

4. The fourth thing that happened was the fact that AY, even in Balmoral hall, created  cinema experience for guests through a nicely demarcation.

5. Another thing that happened at the premiere is that people were probably treated as stock fish or something that needed excess freezing because the degree of the air conditioner was so high that even with the complains of everyone, they didn’t turn it off.

6. Lastly, this is one thing that needed mentioning. Although we are sure AY was thinking branding in mind, but that popcorn is super small! Like I saw it and I was like “what is this?!” No I didn’t go there solely because of popcorn, but if  you plan to treat us, do it right! Anyways, we sha chew something.


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